The Exchange Project aims to connect students from all around the world.

We're all different, and that's great.  As a way to create a modern-day pen-pal, the Exchange Project attempts to answer one very large question: "What makes us us?"  Through short, place-based documentaries, we are attempting to define a new global generation of students.  While we think that statistics and textbooks are great, the real potential to learn from each other on a global scale is a lot more interesting, and we've kicked off the Exchange Project by starting with a video of our own.  We recently added our first exchange parter in Cheboksary, Russia.  You can see their video by clicking on EXCHANGE LOCATIONS

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"Invisible threads are the strongest ties."  - Friedrich Nietzsche

What we're trying to do.

The Exchange Project started in Big Sky, Montana in the Spring of 2014 with some high school students who wanted to reach out and learn about different cultures in a modern way.  They decided that documentary-storytelling on a shoestring budget was the way to go.  


Become a part of the Exchange.

We want to hear from you, and this is how we think the project will work: Each of us creates a 6-8 minute film about our place in the world, and then uploads it to the Exchange Project website.  The more videos and locations we have, the more informed we all become.  Simple.